A Straw in the Thiefs Beard

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One day, the Emperor thought of an idea and decided to tease Birbal. He gave his ring to one of the courtiers and asked him to keep quiet. When Birbal came to the court, the Emperor said, “Birbal, today while taking bath I lost my ring! But I am sure that one of the courtiers has stolen it. You are supposed to be an astrologer as well. Use all your skills and find out my precious ring.”
Birbal nodded his head and asked after a quick thought, “Where had you kept the ring before going for your bath?”

The Emperor pointed towards a cupboard.

Birbal went to the cupboard and placed his ear close to it in eavesdropping pose. After a while he said, “The cupboard tells me there is a straw in the beard of the royal ring thief.”
When the courtier who had the ring in his possession heard this, he naturally touched his beard to examine it.

Birbal saw the courtier examining his beard and at once took him to the Emperor saying, “Majesty, here is your ring thief!”

The Emperor was very pleased with Birbal and gave him a handsome reward.

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