A Thirsty Crow

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A thirsty crow was flying around in search of water. It came near a domestic animal water tank, but that was sadly empty. In the evening it saw a water pot in a ground. It flew down to the pot. The crow put its neck into the pot. But Its beak could not reach the level of water. The thirsty crow did not lose heart and thouhgt about some way to drink the water. The crow got an idea. It picked up a pebble and flew to the water pot to drop the pebble in. And so it started putting pebbles in the water. The water level began to rise. The crow put as many pebbles in the pot as it took to raise the water level up to its reach. Now the crow could drink water easily. The crow quenched its thirst and flew away. Other birds also started drinking water from the pot. That's why the crow is called the Einstein of birds. The crow used its brain. So must we.

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