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Ahoi Ashtami Coloring Pages

Ahoi Ashtami festival is celebrated in the month of November. Mother’s keep fast on this day for their sons. Mothers fast all day and offer prayers to Ahoi Mata. They wake up before sunrise, have some refreshments and proceed to the temple to offer prayers for their children. The fast ends in the evening when the moon appears. Pure water is offered to stars during the evening time by the mothers and they prey for long life of their sons. Some families also break their fast once they see the stars in the sky.

In past, the picture of Ahoi Mata is painted on a wall and a bowl of water is placed on it. Now-a-dyas printed calendars, posters and pictures of Ahoi Mata are now available and can be used in place of the wall painting. An untwisted red coloured thread is wrapped around the bowl of water and the edges are smeared with turmeric powder and placed on the left of the picture. Then the story of Ahoi Mata is read out by an elderly lady in the household. All the other women sit down to listen to the story.

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