April Fool Day

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Although making fool of others is not good but once a year it does no harm. That day is 1st April of every year.

Fooling others on this day is a sport. So, no one should mind. It started with a dispute when 1st January was made the new year day. But some people continued to take 1st April as a new year day as before. So, others called them ‘April Fools’ and 1st April became the Fool’s Day.

I made a plan to make my friend Dinesh an April Fool for fun. He is a cricket crazy boy. I told him that our colony team had a match on the 1st April with a team of the other colony. He was a member of our team. He jumped up with joy. I asked him to be at local park before noon without fail.

He would not miss any cricket match. Of course, there was no such match. He went to the park. The chowkidar handed him a slip I had given for him.  ‘APRIL FOOL’ was written on it in bold letters.

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