Bad Habits

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There are many bad habits that kids pick up knowingly or unknowingly. They annoy others and make others think you are a bad kid. Mind the following:

Picking nose is a very bad habit. It annoys others and shows you as a dirty boy.

Interrupting when other person is talking without letting him/her finish the sentence. To him you will look a boorish kid.

Sneezing or coughing on the face of others.

Speaking out of turn. Open your month only when it is your turn or you are asked to.

Pelting stones at sleeping cat or dog. Slamming the door violently while leaving.

Entering someone’s room or cabin without asking for permission or sitting down on the chair without being invited to.

Poking stick into ears. It can hurt the ear drums.

Mimicking the voice and mannerism of the teachers or elders. To being a good kid shun bad habits.

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