Buried Treasure

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Once upon a time, there lived a farmer. He was very practical and was aware that key to happiness and prosperity in life was only hard work and sincerity. Without hard work a life had no meaning. So he had worked very hard throughout his life, and amassed quite a lot of wealth. He wished that his sons also should follow his ways. When he grew very old and felt that his end was near, he called his sons.
“My sons,” he said to them, “no one is immortal; and I am no exception. I am approaching towards the end of my life. My days are numbered. But before I leave you, I want to tell you a secret. There is a great treasure hidden in my vineyard. All that you have to do is to go to the vineyard after my death and dig it quite deep all over. You will find a wooden box full of treasure.”
The farmer died in a few days.
No sooner had the farmer died, than his sons set to work. By digging the vineyard, they expected to find a box full of treasure. They were extremely disappointed not to find any treasure. But as the vineyard had been dug so well; it yielded a bumper crop of grapes. That year the crop made the farmer’s sons rich indeed. They earned beyond expectation.
Now, the sons of the farmer realised what their father meant by the hidden box of treasure in the vineyard.
In this way the farmer’s wish was fulfilled; and his sons had learnt the value of hard work!

Moral—Hard work always pays good dividend!

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