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One day, a slave named Daulat made a mistake and got Akbar angry. Emperor asked him to leave the court.
Daulat went to Birbal’s house. Birbal listened to him and suggested, “Go back to court and ask the Emperor, “Daulat has come, should he stay or leave?”
The Emperor was surprised to see the culprit back. Daulat said, “Pardon me, Your Majesty. Should ‘Daulat’ stay or go away?”
Literally ‘Daulat’ in Hindustani meant ‘prosperity and wealth.’ No Emperor could wish wealth and prosperity to leave his kingdom.
Emperor Akbar was pleased with the word trick and he was no more angry.
He said, “Let it stay! Only fools can ask riches to go away?”
Akbar curiously asked, “Who gave you this idea?”
“Birbal,” was the obvious answer as Akbar expected.

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