Dont criticize Nature

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Monty and Bunti were playing in a garden. They saw a berries laden tree. Their mouth began watering. They wanted to eat them. But the tree was too high. The problem was how to get the berries.
Monty said, “Nature also make mistakes. It has grown little fruits like berries on a very high tree, whereas a heavy fruit like watermelon grows on the ground.”
Bunti nodded in agreement and said, “I quite agree with what you say. It sounds quite logical. But I fail to understand why nature doesn’t understand the logics of proportion. Now you see how silly is it that one has to climb so high and take all the pains for such small fruits. I personally feel that nature is not perfect.”
All of a sudden, a berry fell on the head of Bunti. He looked up but didn’t say anything.
But Monty said, “Friend, we were criticizing the nature a moment ago and the nature has given us a lesson. Just imagine if it had been watermelon instead of berry, what would happened to you.”
“Oh yes, nature is perfect and is beyond criticism,” said Bunti.

Moral : Nature is perfect in every sense.

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