Dont Litter

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Some kids are litter bugs. It is not good. We must give up that habit and be a cool kid.
Some people have the habit of throwing wrappers or covers on the floors or roads. They eat banana and throw the skin on the road. Some hapless guy steps on it, slips and breaks his leg.

We see roads dirtied by such people. There are pieces of covers, wrappers, empty cigarette beedi packs, empty match boxes, pieces of torn paper, cigarette and beedi butts besides spits.
One must always use the dustbin or waste paper basket for depositing discarded parts of things one uses. That is the way of keeping your surroundings in healthy condition.

Singapore has set an example of dealing with the litter bugs. There, anyone seen throwing anything on the road or pavement is heavily fined. As a result today Singapore is one of the most clean cities of the world. Let us learn a lesson from them.

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