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Mulla Nasruddin once was suffering from upset stomach. The Hakim advised him to take long walks in the mornings and evenings.
So, Mulla went for a long walk in the morning. It was a very good experience. Open side of the city was very peaceful from where the country- side began. Kabristan (Burial ground) was also on that side.
Mulla went for his evening walk as well. Fresh air felt very soothing. It encouraged him to think. Lost in his thoughts, Mulla Nasruddin came far away from the city.
The sun had gone down. Mulla realised that it was time to return when the darkness approached. He saw three shadowy figures some distance ahead. They looked like criminals. One of them was holding a stick and another had a dagger. They were talking and pointing at Mulla ominously.
Mulla Nasruddin felt a chill. He turned back and walked briskly.
After a little travel, he looked back to check on the three criminals. They were following him, sure enough.
Now it became clear that they were after him. The three wanted to rob Mulla Nasruddin.
He walked fast.
The criminals had also increased their speed. Mulla Nasruddin was now panicky.
As he turned the corner, Mulla ran. The three couldn’t see him. He ran into Kabristan with his mind working fast. He found a half dug grave.
Mulla Nasruddin worked with hands and threw out some soil from the grave to make it a bit more deeper.
Then, he lay in the grave on his back.
Meanwhile, the criminals had also walked into the Kabristan talking anxiously. One of them was saying that he definitely saw the man running into there.
The three looked around and came upon the grave Mulla Nasruddin was lying in. All of them looked at Mulla in surprise. Mulla had a smile on his face.
One of them asked, “What are you doing in there? Are you hiding here from us?”
Mulla was keeping his body still like a dead corpse. Making minimum movement with lips Mulla spoke, ‘‘I need not hide from any living beings. Last week I died and was buried in this grave. Sometimes it gets hot in down here. Then I remove soil and break out of the ground to cool down myself. Even dead need a little walking around for fresh air, you see.”
The three cirminals looked at one another. They had turned pale. Their eyes were fear stricken. One of them stammered, ‘‘G..G...G...G...Ghost!” As he said that he wet his pyjama.
Another screamed, “Run! Get the hell out of here!”
The three ran screaming as Mulla Nasruddin started laughing. tee...hee...hee...!
The thieves had dropped a spear and a dagger. Mulla Nasruddin collected the items as mementoes of the time when he played dead.

Moral : Don't lose courage in case of danger.

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