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It is a joyful festival of Muslims but the people of other faiths also share the joy.

Eid is celebrated at the end of the holy month of fasting called Ramzan. It falls in the 9th month of Muslim calendar when new moon is sighted. It is believed that Holy Koran was revealed to the people during this period. Hence it is a great day for Muslims. On this occasion faithfuls dress in new clothes and greet each other by embracing. A feast of good food and sweets is available.

Bazaars are packed with shoppers. Everyone is in celebration mood. The poor and unfortunate having no means are not forgotten. Those who are fortunate share their well-being with them to a great extent. Bakar-Eid is the day of sacrificing goats or sheep. Mutton delicacies are prepared for the feast of the faithfuls and the guests. Eid-ul-Milad is the birth and the death anniversary of the Prophet Mohammad on the same day. The religious preachers speak about the message of Prophet and the special Namaz is offered.

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