Good Manners

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It is important to have good manners. The only difference between a human being and a monkey is that the monkey has no manners.

Always mind your manners. A kid with no manners leaves a bad impression. Always greet elders with folded hands. Speak politely.

Cover your mouth while coughing. When you sneeze put your hanky to nose and say ‘sorry’.

When you bump into some one, spill something or do something that affects others say, ‘I am sorry’. When you are to inconvenience others say in advance ‘Excuse me’.

Don’t grab anything without seeking permission of the person it belongs to.

If someone gives you something or obliges you by doing what you had asked for, don’t forget to say ‘Thank you’.

To seniors always address with ‘Sir’.

Don’t laugh when someone is giving you a serious advice or suggestion. Your personality is adjudged by manners you possess.

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