Good Neighbours

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A good neighbour makes life easy. The people living next door are our neighbours. Sharmas are our neighbours. Only last year they came here. Our families got introduced and relationship began.

Now my father and Mr. Sharma stand across and discuss politics every morning for quite some time. My mom and Mrs. Sharma watch serials together. They freely borrow things from each other and exchange items.

Raju and Lovely are our neighbour’s children. I and my sister like them very much. We become good friends and now we are a team. When Sharmas go out of town we keep a watch on their house. They do same when we go out. In illness we stand by each other.

A few months back my mom fell sick and was in hospital for one month. During that period Sharma auntie cooked our food.

During festivals we become one family and celebrate together. It is double the fun.

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