Hare and the Tortoise

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In a forest a hare and a tortoise lived with other animals. Hare always used to tease the tortoise for its slow moves. "Brother Hare, stop teasing me!" Tortoise said in an annoyed tone, "Don't pride over your agility." "Then, lazy brother, let us have a race. "Hare challenged and mocked at tortoise. After thinking for some time Tortoise said, "I accept it. But the race will be up to that high mountain. The day for the race was fixed. All the animals of forest gathered at the mountain to cheer the winner. The race started at the fixed time. Within no time Hare took a big lead. Soon Tortoise lagged way behind. Hare thought that it would take hours for Tortoise to catch up. Hare decided to take rest. Soon Hare fell in deep sleep. Slowely coming Tortoise caught up and went ahead. The slow moving Tortoise at last reched the finishing point while Hare was still asleep. Then, suddenly Hare woke up and it ran realising that it had overslept. But when it saw Tortoise already at the finishing point it bowed its head in shame.Moral: Slow and steady wins the race.

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