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Holi is a festival of colours. It falls in the early phase of the spring season when the land is greening up and the flowers are blossoming. It is a full moon day. On the eve of the Holi a bonefire is lit with great gaiety and noise.

On the main Holiday people  smear each other with colours. Water balloons are thrown by children and the liquid colours splashed through syringes. It spreads a feeling of equality as all coloured faces look alike. After the colour splash the sweets banish all bitterness.

Holi was the favourite sport of Lord Krishna. He used to play Holi with milk-maids of Barsana and Vrindavana. There the Holi tradition is carried on in old spirit.

But in cities Holi has become a soft affair and the colour smearing part is over by noon. Then a feast is taken after a thorough bath.

Anyway Holi is a fun festival for children. It is the time they can colour themselves instead of colouring pictures.

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