India of my Dreams

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India is a country of varied religions, communities and festivals. It is a developing country. India has made a rapid progress in science and technology but is still lagging behind in the eradication of poverty.

We can observe 70% of the population living in the slums and villages. There are many people who don’t have money to purchase food. The people in slums are deprived of the necessities of life. They don’t have proper shelter to live, sufficient food to eat and clothes to wear. The government must do efforts to improve the condition of poor people.

They should be given proper shelter and employment, so that they could lead a satisfactory life.
Poverty is a big curse to the society. It must be eradicated from the root. When, we do not find poor people living in slums and beggars roaming around, only then India can become the paradise on the earth, and that is the India of my dreams.

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