Kiran Bedi

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Kiran Bedi has been one of the most admired Indian Police Service Officers of our country. She set examples by her dedication to duty, honesty and courage.

Big bosses did not like her popularity and honesty. So, she was transferred from place to place. But Kiran Bedi did not break. Wherever she got posted she tried something new.

Kiran Bedi introduced yoga and meditation in Tihar Jail when she was given its charge. She helped prisoners quit bad habits and inspired them into education.

As traffic police boss Kiran Bedi cleared the roads of illegally parked cars. People called her Crane Bedi.

While dealing with angry mobs she got tough and dealt with them with stick and sword bravely. She won several national and international prizes and was invited to breakfast by the U.S. President. I dream of becoming a police officer like her.

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