Monsoon Magic

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Monsoon brings the rains in India. It is very unique natural activity that takes place only here.

During summer months entire land of India gets heated up as the sun blazes down. In Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea the water evaporates and clouds form. In heated India air becomes light which creates low pressure. Winds move in to fill it and pull in clouds too from the seas.

They are monsoon winds.

And monsoon magic starts. Skies fill up with dark clouds. It begins to rain.

Parched soil is blessed. The children dance in the rain. Farmers look up and thank God. Peacocks start to dance. Frogs croak madly telling every one to get wet. Women sit on swings and fly to and fro singing songs. Those who are lonely sing sad songs. House wives fry pakoras to serve with tea.

That is monsoon magic. But kids, walk carefully, you might get mud on your face.

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