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India is my country and I love it. It is the world’s largest democracy. Very ancient is its history, culture and civilization.

It is home of all religions. The people of different faiths live here side by side in peace and love. A number of languages are spoken here.

Cultures and food habits are also diverse here. India is the fine example of unity in diversity. New Delhi is its capital. Mumbai is the financial capital. Tajmahal is the beauty of my country and Kashmir is its paradise. Punjab is its Bhangra blast. Tamilnadu is India’s, ‘ta-ta-theyya’ ‘sa-re-ga-ma-pa’.

Bengaluru is our Internet connection. Bengal is known for its songs and Rajasthan its valour. Goa is our holiday. U.P.-Bihar are labour force and Uttarakhand spiritual power. Himachal is fruit bowl and Assam its cup of tea.

All Indians are crazy for cricket and I am crazy for My India.

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