My Father

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My father is a secretary in Petroleum Ministry. He is a very busy man.

But he spares time for me. He talks to me and says nice things. Sometimes, he plays carrom and Ludo with me.

He has got official car for private use. He asks chauffer to leave me at school every morning.
In office he remains busy in meetings. Often the minister rings him up at home and they talk for a long time. While doing so if I happen to be near him he keeps caressing my hair.

I adore my father. He never rebukes me and never lifts his hand on me. He often goes on foreign tours on official visits. He comes back with loads of wonderful toys and story books for me. That tells me how much he cares for me.

Our relatives and friends wonder how he finds so much time for me in his busy life. I am always very careful in my studies because I can’t let down my caring father.

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