My Favourite Teacher

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Four teachers come to my class 5. Out of them Madam Gulati is my favourite. She always has a smile on her face. Madam Gulati teaches us English and Geography. She has a pretty handwriting and is good at drawings. After her period the black board looks like a picture.

It makes learning very easy. Madam Gulati knows every student by name. She pays attention to each student. Outside the classroom she treats me like a family friend and often asks about the welfare of my parents.

Other students also like her. That is why she takes us on picnics, excursions and outings. Home work of her subjects, I do very carefully and regularly. I do not want her unhappy.

She is a very educated teacher. She does her own homework too. She comes to the class well prepared in what she wants to teach to us.

If any student falls sick in the school, Madam Gulati takes care like a mother. She is a wonderful teacher.

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