My First Day in School

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I had not been to any pre-school kindergarten as we lived in a small town earlier.

My parents decided to send me to school when I became five year old. At first I was scared. My mother bought for me a bright school bag and some primary books. She also brought a pencil box and a lunch box with water bottle.

I was dressed in the school uniform. My mother took me to school and to my class.
The teacher Mrs. Chawla came out. My mother greeted her and introduced me to her. She was a pleasant lady. She talked to me sweetly and took me inside and beseated me amongst other kids. Then, my mother went away.

I felt at home. Mrs. Chawla talked to us, made us sing, dance, run around and play jolly games. I was now excited. At noon we ate lunch.

We coloured some pictures. Thus, my first day at school ended happily. At 3 p.m. my mother came to take me home and I went home with her.

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