My Hair Dresser

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I get my hair cut at ‘Sultan Hair Cutting Saloon’. It has big mirrors and nice comfortable seats. In front of each seat there is wash basin. And racks around are loaded with implements, bottles, tubes etc.

There always is a nice smell of lotions, shampoo and soaps in the saloon. Four or five hair dressers work there. Sultan is the owner of the saloon. Whenever I go for a hair cut Sultan himself attends to me. He knows my mother.

She had told him on our first visit what sort of hair cut I must have. So, in my case Sultan knows what he must do. He cuts my hair carefully causing no discomfort to me.

He is an expert. Some times when my mother comes along with and waits for my hair cut Sultan gives her a pile of film magazines to read. As my hair is being cut my mother reads juicy gossips about movie folks.

After the hair cut Sultan attends to my nails. I feel neat, clean and polished item.

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