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All members of my family are hobbyists. My grandpa has gardening hobby. My mother likes cooking new recipes. Photography is the hobby of my dad. My elder brother collects stamps. An aunt of mine is Ikebana artist.

So, I also decided to adopt ‘Origami’ as my hobby. It is an art of making various shapes by folding papers. This craft was developed by Japanese.

Origami enables me to make amazing things from paper by clean folding. There are lot of books that teach Origami. All you need is a piece of paper of required shape and fingers trained at folding it neatly. Now my hands and fingers know how to fold the paper cleverly.

My Origami skill is admired by my friends and the family. It is a great fun and an art you can surprise other with. So far I can make 50-60 shapes. I hope to learn many more in due course of time.

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