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I live in East of Kailash where we own our house. My grand father had built it long ago. So it is a bit old fashioned.

It has four airy rooms, a kitchen and a pantry. A small garden surrounds it. In a corner there are four guava trees.

One of the rooms serves as a drawing room. Another room is for my parents. In the adjacent room I live with my younger brother. The fourth room is for guests and spare items of the house. T.V. is in the drawing room.

On two sides there are small verandahs. On one daddy sits on his rocking chair and reads newspapers. On the another, I and my brother sit on mats to do our homework.

In the garden I play with my brother and friends when they visit us. We climb on trees to pluck raw guava fruits when they appear. There is boundary wall all around my house. I feel very safe inside. East or West, home is the best.

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