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Today mobile is a toy every kid wants to have. It is such a wonderful gadget that it connects you to the world. A teenager without a mobile today is like a bird without wings.

On my 13th birthday my parents gave me a Nokia phone as my birthday gift. Now, I am all the time connected to my friends, parents, family members and the whole world. You can reach me even if I am in bathroom or toilet. We are in 21st century, dear!

With my Nokia I can phone U, SMS any 1, download caller tune, MMS, listen 2 music, get SMSes, incoming calls, see time, cricket score, Net surfing, video, news, informations, games, take snaps, videography, sound recording etc. ‘Jai Ho...’ is my caller tune.

Since I got my mobile I am on cloud nine and feel empowered. In my pocket I have today’s most powerful connecting device. It is really a modern day wonder a teenager can’t live without.

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