My Mother

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My mother is a wonderful person. Her name is Sneha. I adore her and she is always sweet on me. Only for paying full attention to me she had left a good job when I was born.

Most of her time is taken in washing my clothes, ironing them, preparing me for the school, feeding me and helping me in my homework. Such a fine mother she is.

The food cooked by her tastes divine. She knows what I like to eat. When my friends visit me she treats them like honoured guests and serves them treats lovingly. It makes me so proud.

My mother fusses all the time over me. So caring she is. Whenever I fall ill she gets worried. Even my bad cold alarms her. Once when I had measles she spent several nights sitting beside my bed talking to me. She is the most kind and the most beautiful woman in the world. My father agrees with me.

The stories of angels is not untrue. Infact, every child has an angel in its mother as I have.

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