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One day I stood on my balcony. I saw my neighbour’s dog fighting with a cat. The kittens of the cat ran away on the road frightened. Then the cat also ran in that direction. The dog chased her to some distance and returned.

Suddenly, I noticed a scared kitten hiding in our flower pot below. I ran down and looked at it from close. The kitten looked at me with its blue eyes and mewed. Perhaps it wanted me to protect it. I felt pity for it and took it to my mother and told its little tale. My mother caressed it and fed it some warm milk and biscuit as it looked hungry. After feeding, the kitten mewed happily and purred against my arms.

My mother let me to keep it as my pet. I named it ‘Purrfect’. It had grey fur and brown stripes. Since then it became my perfect friend. When I do my homework, it does its own home work of hunting for mice. Sometimes it drags into my room strange things. The bottom rack of my bookshelf is the home of my Purrfect.

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