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Nalanda Public School is the name of my school. I have been studying here for the past three years. It is a very nice and popular school.

My school has a big modern building that has three storeys. The class rooms are on the first and the second floors. The ground floor has office, staff room and library. Play rooms are also on this floor. Here we play ludo, carrom and other indoor and toy games.

Class room is a big airy place. The chairs and tables are set in rows. There are several colourful charts on the walls. A big black-board is fixed on the front wall on which teachers write.
I like English teacher. She draws good pictures on the black-board to help students understand better. Sharmila Dixit is our principal.

Our school starts at 8 a.m. All students and teachers stand in lines and sing prayer in the front ground of the school. Then we all go to our classes. The back side ground is used for outdoor games. I play cricket there.

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