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My father works in Gurgaon. We live with him. But our village ‘Satmai’ is in Himachal Pradesh. It is in Mandi district.

It is a small, beautiful village situated on a high hill. I love the beauty of my village. In vacations our family goes to visit our village. The air is clean and cool there. All around are high mountain peaks. Some of them wear snow caps. Down below flows a river which looks like a silver thread. Lush green slopes make the valley charming. Sitting on a rock I can see herd of sheep and goats grazing on those green slopes. They look like white and black dots. The shepherds sit on hillocks and play folk tunes on their flutes.

It looks like heaven. Birds fly about. On my back are private gardens where apples, peaches, pears, apricots and walnuts grow. Yonder up are tall fir trees. In that jungle grow mushrooms of various kinds. Collecting them is fun. A visit to my village is like a dream.

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