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Peacock is our national bird. It is found all over India. But in north India it is common scene in countryside. You can see peacocks in gardens and parks in the cities. Peacock is a big beautiful bird. Its plumes are shiny blue-green. On its head it has a crest.

Unique feature of the peacock is its long feather tail that trails behind it like a grand broom. When in joyous mood it lifts up its tail and spreads it out to create a magnificent umbrella. The tail feathers carry a heart shaped multicolour design like butterflies have on their wings. Each tail feather has one such design that looks like a big eye.

When it drizzles and rain drops fall the peacock feels like dancing. It fans out its tail and dances to express its joy.

Peahen is the female bird of this breed. She has dull grey-brown feathers and no tail. It does not matter. She looks pretty even in the dull colour. We must protect our national bird.

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