National Flag -the tricolour

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The Tricolour (Tiranga) is our national flag. It is the symbol of our nation, the independent India. It has three bands of different colours. The top band is saffron, the middle is white and the bottom band is green.

In the middle of the white band there is a chakra, a 24-spoke wheel which means, a nation on 24 hour progress.

In 1921 a student named P. Venkaiya presented the idea of a flag with two colour bands saffron and green representing Hindus and Muslims respectively. Lala Hansraj Sondhi suggested the white band in the centre to represent other faiths and people with a spinning wheel in the centre. Gandhiji liked the idea.

It is a symbol of our pride and honour. It should fly high. Take care not to tear it, smear it or trample upon it. Burning national flag is a serious offence. Even in anger we must not do it.

Do something like Abhinav Bindra to keep our Tricolour high.

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