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We have a National Panasonic colour TV. It is a fine set. Picture on it comes sharp.

As a kid I watched a lot of cartoon movies. My mother would settle me down before TV with a cartoon movie on. I used to sit glued to our TV watching Tom & Jerry, Charlie Chaplin, Micky Mouse, Donald Duck etc. That allowed my mother to do household chores and cooking.

Later when I started going to school I found less and less time to watch TV. I had to do a lot of homework and more homework as I went up class by class.

At one stage I found watching Discovery and National Geographic useful. I watch comedy programmes sometimes. TV gets my total attention when there is an ODI or T-20 match.

But too much TV is no good. Now I find pleasure in outdoor games. It is healthy exercise. When I find time from home work only then I watch TV. My mom watches Saas-Bahu serials.

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