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Road Sign Coloring Pages

In metropolitan and other big cities vehicular traffic is very heavy on roads. So, to keep safe it is good for every child to know the road rules. Many children get hurt or even die due to lack of road and traffic sense.
Cross roads only at the marked zebra crossing. Don’t ever dash across. Keep an eye on the traffic signal. Do not jump the red light.
Walk on the footpath only. Never stray on to the road or some vehicle will hit you.
Have respect for traffic light. Look for the green light. Go across only when it is green. To make it more sure look to the right and then left. Wait for the time the road is safely empty.
Don’t walk with your head bent down. Look straight forward. You should know where you are going and what is ahead.
You must be extra careful when you are on the cycle. Obey traffic signal light just like motorists do. Be alert while on move. Better try to walk facing the traffic.

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