Scene at a Railway Station

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One day I went to CST (Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus) of Mumbai to see off my maternal uncle Krishnan with my father. Uncle was going to Kerala. It was my first visit to a big railway station.

The people on the platform were going about in great rush. There were porters carrying loads of luggage on their heads. Hawkers were selling things shouting at top of their voices. I watched the scene very amused.

Parents were telling their kids not to got lost. The people were running after moving trains to get in. Travellers in compartments were waving to their relatives. The trains were steaming in and departing sounding shrill whistles.

Our porter knew the train would be on platform no. 11. It was an Express train. At last my uncle got into his compartment. We bid him farewall by moving our hands as the train moved.
It was a strange experience.

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