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An ant and a mosquito were neighbours. There was a great deal of difference between them in shapes and their natures.
The ant was very hard working while the mosquito was very lazy. The ant was never seen sitting idle or staying at one place. The mosquito was always found flitting here and there and singing tunes in the ears of children and elders.
When the summer season came, the ant continued working. It collected its food in its hole for the winter season. But the mosquito was so lazy that it did not bother to do any work or save anything.
It went into houses and sang songs in the ears of people; and when hungry, it bit them to suck their blood.
The time passed and the winter season came. The ant was carefee as it had worked hard throughout the summer season and collected enough food in its hole for the winter season. The mosquito had nothing to eat. But it was not possible for the mosquito to come out and risk his life in cold weather.
The mosquito saw the ant going to its hole. It called out to the ant, “Friend help me; I have nothing to eat.”
The ant said, “Why did you not collect food during the months of summer? What were you doing?”
The mosquito replied, “Actually I was enjoying the summer singing songs.”
The ant said, “Only God can help those who do not help themselves.” It went into the hole without caring for the mosquito.

Moral : Save something for the future.

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