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Being smart is not being a cunning person. The real smartness comes from being clean, neat and tidied up.

Infact cleanliness is just another name of the smartness. If you are neat and clean you will look smart. You feel good.

Remember, cleanliness is next to godliness.

Take thorough bath everyday regularly. Wear neat and clean dress with all buttons in place. Look at your hands and fingers. They should be absolutely clean. Check finger nails for dirt or grime. Keep nails neatly manicured. Keep your teeth brushed clean with no spots.

Keep your hair combed and washed clean. You may style your hair the way you like.

Your shoes must always be polished and clean. Make it a habit to keep your items tidied up in proper order. Don’t throw your things about carelessly. That is no clean work. With the above rules in mind you can become a smart child.

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