Summer Holidays

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After annual exams and three weeks into new classes our school closes for summer holidays upto the end of June. I love this vacation period. I can sleep beyond the sunrise time. No more hurrying up in the mornings for the school.

It is play time. I along with my friends go to the nearby park for a cricket game. My mom does not let me go without feeding me heavy breakfast. She knows I will be gone for hours.

Of course, I can’t neglect studies altogether. There is vacation homework to be done.

If my father gets leave from his office we go to some hill station for holidaying. Last year we went to Nainital and had a good time.

This year my mother says we may go to her parents’ home in Bhopal if father does not get leave. That will also be a fun. My maternal uncle is very fond of me and so his wife. Maternal grandpa and grandma (Nana-Nani) adore me. They fuss over me all the time.

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