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Thaipusam is the feast for the son of Shiva, Lord Subramanya. Celebrations of this festival are carried out at almost all the temples of Lord Subramanya. This festival is celebrated in the month of January-February.

Thaipusam is a festival of Tamil Nadu associated with penance and atonement. Lord Subramanya is the universal granter of wishes. All those who wish to ask for a future favour, fulfill a vow in return for a granted favour, or to repent for past sins participate in this festival. Devotees walk long distances, carrying offerings, to reach the temple of the Lord. Many devotees raise the stakes by entering a trance, and piercing their bodies with skewers.

To the uninitiated Thaipusam is a stunning, totally unexpected assault on the senses. Hair-raising sights of human bodies covered in hooks, which anchor huge Kavadis (ritualistic yokes) balanced on heads and cheeks pierced with small spears, wooden tongues and arrows. The most elaborate Kavadis can weigh as much as 80 pounds, a platform ornately decorated with peacock feathers, decorations, even plastic dolls!

Since the festival falls in January–the post harvest season, the exuberance of the agriculturists and their lusty participation lends unique splendour to the temple. The most remarkable feature of this festival is the parading devout 'Bhaktas' (devotees) bearing Kavadis.

The yellow robed 'Bhaktas' coming from several distant places dance their way through the streets to reach the Muruga Sannidhi to the accompaniment of music, both instrumental and vocal. Many strangely and ghastly traditions, like the lips pierced with mini silver lance, and locking of the mouth with metal ring to maintain perfect silence and drawing of small make shift chariot with its chain hooked into the back of devotees strike the eye of spectator during the festival.

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