The Buffalo

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Once a Maulvi of a famous mosque paid a visit to the village of Sheikhchilli. He was on a mission to spread the message of Islam.
He spoke to the villagers and impressed upon them the importance of five prayers a day for a true faithful of Islam.
To induce people he claimed, “Any one who religiously offers five prayers a day for a month will be blessed by Allah with a buffalo.”
Sheikhchilli wanted to know, “Is that true or some kind of trick? Will Allah keep up the promise?”
The Maulvi smiled, “Son, Allah is the greatest. Have faith in him. He will surely bless you.”
Sheikhchilli offered five prayers a day for a month. But the promised buffalo didn’t appear.
He went to the Maulvi and complained, “I offered prayers for a month as you had prescribed. But I can’t see any buffalo. You must make Allah give me one.”
The Maulvi explained, “I had said that to make you do something good, to make you adopt a good habit. You can sincerely pray to Him and get anything you wish.”
Sheikhchilli revealed, “I knew there was some trick. You can fool others but not Sheikhchilli. For your information I tell you that on half of the occasions, I didn’t say prayers, only moved my lips, tee... hee...!”

Moral : A fool always remains a fool.

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