The Cold Act

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The burial ground (Kabristan) of Shekhupura village was quite outside the village, some distance off.
Near Kabristan, by the side of the road a deep trench was dug by someone who believed that there was a treasure buried there. The man found nothing but the trench remained there.
One evening, a stranger accidentally fell into the ditch. He tried to come out but failed. He screamed for help but no one heard as no one passed by that way.
As darkness fell the cold increased. It was more cold down in the trench. The trapped man screamed more urgently.
Sheikhchilli happened to pass by. He heard the screams of a man coming from the trench. From the edge of the trench he peeped down. The moon light was making things visible.
The man shouted up, “Help! It is very cold down here.”
Only a few days ago, Sheikhchilli had attended the burial of a departed relative.
He yelled at the trapped man, “No wonder you are feeling cold. They forgot to put soil on you.”
And he started scooping down handfuls of soil.

Moral : Don't expect anyting wise from a fool.

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