The Donkey Act

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The Emperor did not like staying in Surat. But, quite often he had to go there for administrative purposes. Now it was Birbal who had to provide the Emperor with some kind of recreation everyday to keep him in a jovial mood.
One day, the Emperor asked Birbal to put on some act. Birbal listened to his wish and went away. Then he dressed himself shabbily and took a donkey along with him. He started leading his donkey in the middle of the path on which the Emperor was coming.
Seeing a man with donkey coming from the opposite direction, made the Emperor furious and said, “Why don’t you move to one side of the road with your donkey?’’
Birbal laughed and said, “I try to tell my stupid donkey the same thing but he does not understand. How awkward it would be if another donkey came from the other side and asked questions ! ”
The Emperor gave a hard look to the donkey owner, frowned and moved ahead without saying  a  word. He understood it was no other than Birbal.

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