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One day, the Emperor suddenly, asked the courtiers three questions—Whose son is the best? Whose tooth is the best? Which quality is the best?
All the courtiers started discussing the question amongst themselves. One of the elder courtiers replied, “Maharaj! A king’s son the the best. An elephant’s tooth is the best and ‘knowledge’ is the best quality.
The Emperor listened to the answers and thought—Birbal been there, he would have given a more appropriate reply.
Therefore, he immediately sent for Birbal. Birbal came at once to the court. He was asked to answer those three questions.
Birbal replied, “Your Majesty, a cow’s son is the best. Because, it is he who ploughs the earth. Even his dung used as fertiliser. Crops can be grown by it and also, food can be produced for all.
Now, the second answer is that a plough’s tooth is the best. It ploughs the land and makes it fertile. It enables us to raise crops.
Then, in reply to the third question, Your Majesty, I would say that ‘courage’ is the best quality of all. Howsoever intelligent a person may be, he cannot do anything if he lacks courage. Though ‘knowledge’ is the greatest wealth, courage is more important.”
The Emperor and the other courtiers were very pleased with Birbal’s wise answers.

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