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Once a wolf, while devouring his prey, got a large piece of bone stuck in his throat. He began whining in pain. The pain became unbearable and it became almost impossible for him to breathe. He was almost on the verge of death when he fortunately saw a crane passing by. This created a ray of hope and he said haltingly, “O crane! My dear friend! I have got a large piece of bone stuck in my throat. I am dying of pain. I shall be extremely grateful to you if you take out the bone and save my life. I also promise to reward you suitably for your act of kindness.”
Now the crane was in a strange state of predicament. She could realise the plight of the wolf, but at the same time she was also aware of the risk ahead. She knew, her hasty action could put her life into grave jeopardy; but her conscience didn’t allow her to leave the wolf to die in pain.
At last the crane pitied the wolf and using her long beak, took out the bone. The wolf got immediate relief. Now the crane reminded the wolf of his promise. The wolf very shamelessly retorted and said to the crane, “You foolish bird! You dare ask for a reward? Isn’t it reward enough to have spared your life after you put your head in my mouth. I could have clamped my jaws shut with your head in my mouth and bid you farewell from this world.” Saying this the wolf went away.

Moral—After helping someone in danger, if you don’t get any thanks, thank your stars for coming to no harm.

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