The Hair Dye

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One day, Akbar said to Birbal, “I have often observed that people who have words like ‘wan’ ‘ban’ suffixed to their) professional names, are very quarrelsome by nature like, gadiwan, kochwan, darban etc.” (Meaning cart driver, coach driver, gatekeeper respectively)
Birbal replied, “Yes! You are right, Meherban!”
(Meharban—The respectful address of 'Your Mercy')
The face of Emperor Akbar turned red and the courtiers fought hard to suppress their laughter.
After this incident some days later a servant was applying hair dye on the Akbar's hair when suddenly Birbal arrived.
Seeing Birbal the Emperor asked, "Will this dye do some adverse effect to my head?”
Birbal said, "Huzoor! One who dyes his hair doesn't have a head at all. How is it possible for an old man to turn young again?"
The Emperor was embarrassed and after that he never dyed his hair.

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