The Policeman

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The policemen are of two types: The traffic policeman can be seen at busy cross roads directing traffic. He keeps the traffic flow under control and smoothly going on.

It is a very hard duty. In summer heat or winter cold or rain the traffic policeman stands at his post doing his job. He does not seek shelter.

Without him there will be chaos and great many accidents. The people would be fighting one another. No one will reach anywhere.

Other is the law officer who normally known as policeman. He is an officer in uniform.

He protects our lives from the criminals and lawless elements.

We see policemen standing guard at most of the places like roadsides, markets, lanes, roads, outside offices, hotels, malls, banks etc. Police has to be where criminals, thieves, robbers, cheats and kidnappers are likely to strike.

The police also moves around in police jeeps to scare away bad elements from doing harm.

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