The Teachers Day

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September 5, of each year is celebrated as the ‘Teacher’s Day’ in our country. It happens to be the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was an ideal teacher and later became the President of India.

On this day we honour our teachers. We have so much to thank them for. They educate us, teach us manners and good values of life. They shape our character. From monkeys the teachers turn us into polished human beings.

To show our thankfulness we present flowers, fruits or other kinds of small gifts to the teachers. This year we will buy a wallclock, a present from entire class, ‘To sir with love.’

On the Teacher’s Day in our school we free the teachers from classes to let them relax and have a good time. Some senior students fill their places. The students of senior classes present music and dance programmes.

The day, thus brings students and teachers closer to each other.

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