The wicked crow

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A farmer had kept many pigeons in his house. He used to feed them millet grains and rice. A crow also lived on a tree nearby. He saw the pigeons eating rich grains everyday. He also wanted to eat the grains and rice.
One day he flew to the roof of the house where the farmer had spread grains for the pigeons to eat, and started eating. The farmer saw him and got angry. He ran at the crow who flew away. Next day the crow thought of a plan. He brought paint and painted himself in grey colour to look like a pigeon. The idea worked. He started going there regularly to enjoy the feast. Nobody suspected him. He was happy at being successful in cheating.
The crow became fat soon because he was eating too much. One day, when he finished eating, he felt so happy that he wanted to crow. He could not control himself and began crowing.
Within a moment, the pigeons knew that it was a crow who was eating their grains. They attacked the crow.The pigeons pecked at him so furiously that he started bleeding.
When the crow screamed other crows reached the roof of the house to save their brother. But they could not identify him because he had painted himself grey. They left him to fend for himself. The crow was killed by the pigeons.

Moral : One should be honest in one’s dealings.

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