Tree of Goodness

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One day I stood at my balcony watching the big tree in the park across our house. A lot of colourful birds were pecking at Jamuns (Jambu Plums). My grandpa stood behind me.

He asked me what tree it was. I replied it was a Jamun tree. He said ‘No’. Then he told me about it. I understood and learnt:

It was a tree of goodness. Every tree is. The good it does to others is countless. A tree provides fruit to us and other creatures. It is a home for hundreds, thousands of birds over the years. It is also a resting place. In the shade of a tree we rest, read and play or just sleep.

A tree absorbs carbon dioxide and gives us oxygen to breathe. Throw a stone at a fruit-laden tree and it will reward us with fruit. It replies our abuses with kindness.

In death it becomes wood to make furniture items for us or just burns to provide us warmth and cook our food. Some trees turn into paper like this essay is written on.

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