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Lately Sheikhchilli was becomg quite mixed up. He could not get anything straight. May be, it was because of the thrashing he had received at the hands of the burly man sometime ago. The thoughts of poor Sheikhchilli were getting wobbled.
One night, Sheikhchilli’s mother cooked sweet rice and fed her son. The hearty meal made him doze. His mother asked him to give a bowl of rice to the neighbour, Fatima Bibi before he went to sleep.
It was raining outside. So, Sheikhchilli had to take umbrella along. When he returned with dripping umbrella his mother feared that he might catch cold.
She said, “Son, don’t stand here. Go to your room, leave the umbrella in the corner in the standing position to drain off water and go to your bed or you will catch cold.”
Sheikhchilli dumbly nodded his head and went to his room. His mother washed the dishes and went to sleep in her room.
In the morning, she went to her son’s room to see if he was alright. To her horror she found that Sheikhchilli had put the umbrella in the bed and he himself had spent the night standing in the corner.
As soon as Sheikhchilli saw his mother he collapsed tired, exhausted and very very sick.

Moral : A fool never ever understand wise talks.

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